Maple Weekend

Maple Weekend

March 9 & 10, 2019

10 am-4 pm

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Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, Inc.

The Somerset Historical Center is the heritage stop for learning about maple sugaring history and lore. See maple camps set up for the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s and also antique maple equipment. Taste the maple taffy treat, “spotza”, and freshly stirred sugar. Watch our coopers hand-craft wooden maple sugar buckets, known as “keelers.”

10649 Somerset Pike, Somerset, PA 15501

Contact: Kasey Ross at • Mark Ware at

Phone: 814-445-6077 •


Baer Bros. Maple Camp

Baer Bros. Maple is based around a traditional setting in the woods. We collect sap from over 5,000 taps. There will be sugar making, spotza, boiling on a wood-fired evaporator and tree tapping. The maple camp in on Appy Acre Rd. Visit our new maple equipment and maple product store at Sugar Cake Rd.

234 Sugar Cake Road, Somerset, PA 15501

Contact: Michael & Sherry Lynch at 814-442-3680 or 814-445-1930 • Email:


Walnutdale Maple Farms

Walnutdale Maple Farms is truly in the “Land of Milk and Maple.” The Friedlines have been boiling maple syrup and milking dairy cows for 4 generations. The “sugar woods” has 1,200 taps using state-of-the-art tubing, but visitors can still tap a maple tree the traditional way and gather buckets of sap at the sugar camp. Enjoy maple sundae samples.  Pure maple products available for sale.

287 Walnutdale Lane, Boswell, PA 15531

Contact: Carna & Lowell Friedline | Mary & Joel Friedline

Phone: 814-629-6032 or 814-233-4588 • Email:


Emerick’s Pure Maple Products

Emerick’s Maple produces award winning maple syrup off of their 4,500 taps in southeastern Somerset County. We offer maple syrup, sugar, candy and spread, maple nut toppings, maple mustard, maple barbecue sauce, maple coffee, maple tea and maple drops. NEW THIS YEAR: maple cinnamon sugar and horse-drawn wagon rides to the sugar bush (weather depending on Saturday only.) Come and see our operation, taste all of our maple products and some recipes made with our maple products. Please follow the posted signs - not your GPS.

180 Ridge Road, Hyndman, PA 15545

Contact: Matthew & Stephanie Emerick at 814-324-4345 or 814-521-5961 • Email:


Holler-Hills Maple

Welcome to Holler-Hills Maple. Come taste one of nature’s sweetest treats located in the Laurel Hill Creek Watershed.  We are proud to produce pure maple syrup. 1,700 taps supply sap for a Leader 2x8 Evaporator and a H20 Innovation R.O. reduces boiling time. Handmade wooden keelers. Come see an old tradition come back to life.

185 Faidley Road, Markleton, PA 15551

Contact: Bearl Faidley • Phone: 814-926-4219 or 814-701-6033


Listie Volunteer Fire Co.

Pancakes, buckwheat pancakes, local sausage and local pure maple syrup will be available on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

708 Stoystown Road, Somerset, PA 15501

Contact: Gary Paugh • Phone: 814-279-4833 •


Sechler Sugar Shack, LLC

Nestled in the hills of the Turkeyfoot Valley lies the Sechler Sugar Shack. Since 1850, our family has continued the tradition of making the finest maple products. The old techniques are continually being updated with the most modern technology to produce the distinctive flavors of Somerset County Maple Syrup. Enjoy maple treats - visit with 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th generations of maple producers.

7758 Kingwood Rd., Confluence, PA 15424

Contact: Everett Sechler at 814-395-3200 or 814-289-9422 • Email:


Milroy Farms

Rt. 219, 1/2 mile south of Salisbury. Farm signs guide visitors short distance to maple camp. Visit our 12,000 tap farm where syrup is produced using new technologies and age-old traditions. The camp features guided tours, educational demonstrations, antique maple equipment, candy kitchen and maple samples. New this year, on Saturday, Tall Pines Distillery will be at our sugar camp and will feature their Maple Rye moonshine made with Milroy Farms pure maple syrup.

1724 River Rd., Salisbury, PA 15558 • Contact: Jason Blocher at 814-662-4125 • Email:


Paul Bunyan’s Maple Syrup

Paul Bunyans sugar camp is located in Rockwood, PA. We offer pure maple products directly from tree to table. We have a full-line of pure maple products such as: syrup, cream, candy, sugar, maple drops and buttermilk pancake mix. We will be making cotton candy and maple popcorn fresh during the tours. We would love to see you!

793 Gebhart Rd., Rockwood, PA 15557

Contact: Molly Wheeler at 814-233-6695 • Email:


Hillegas Sugar Camp

Hillegas Sugar Camp, established 1993, is a producer of pure maple syrup. We utilize modern maple technology including reverse osmosis, vacuum technology and air tight wood fired arch. Located on the White Horse Mountain in Somerset County, we process sap from over 7,000 taps. We have all maple products for sale including maple cotton candy.

455 Dividing Ridge Rd., Fairhope, PA 15538

Contact: Kyle Hillegas at 814-233-5843 • Email:


Lemmon Bros. Farms Sugar Camp

Lemmon Bros. Sugar Camp was established in 2014. Nestled in the Allegheny plateau. The camp now has 4,500 taps on vacuum and an additional 100 keelers around the camp. Sap is collected, run through a D and G reverse osmosis, then in a 4x14 oil-fired evaporator. Stop in and enjoy sampling maple treats and a tour of the camp.

242 Lemmon Rd., Markleton, PA 15551

Contact: Larry Lemmon at 814-926-3107 or 814-926-2460


Arnold’s Sugar Camp

Arnold’s Sugar Camp, established in 1986, is a family operated sugar camp nestled in the woods of Rockwood, PA on S.R. 3015. We are an award winning sugar camp that produces & sells only the finest maple products including: maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cream, sugar cakes and maple vinaigrette. Using today’s modern technologies, including a 3x6 leader evaporator, reverse osmosis and filter press. We look forward to your visit to our camp.

3861 Waterlevel Rd., Rockwood, PA 15557

Contact: Eric Arnold at 814-442-8025 or 814-279-2489 • Email:


Sanner Maple Products

Sanner Maple Products is a fourth generation sugaring operation with approximately 16,000 taps, most of which are on vacuum. Come and enjoy a variety of maple goodies including pure maple taffy, maple cotton candy and maple balsamic vinaigrette.

174 Reservoir Rd., Rockwood, PA 15557

Contact: Andy Sanner at 814-483-6591 or 814-926-2269 • Email:


Livengood Bros. Maple Products

Livengood Brothers Maple Camp has been boiling now for 3 years. It is a group effort involving friends and family. We have 1,500 taps right now. Livengood Brothers offers a variety of maple products to not only sample but for sale as well. This year Coal County Brew will feature a maple beer for sampling - featureing Livengood Brothers maple syrup.

3064 Copper Kettle Hwy., Rockwood, PA 15557

Contact: CJ Livengood at 814-233-6788 • Email:


G&T Acre Maple Products

Come enjoy samples of maple products and learn about the art of preparing maple syrup from the tree to the table. Join us in giving God the “Thanks” for this wonderful natural resource that we can share with others! Our camp is very easily accessible for your convenience.  Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday: 1 to 4 p.m.

599 Springs Rd., Springs, PA 15562

Contact: Joel & Tracy Elder at 814-662-4344



Brantview Farms Maple Camp

Brantview Farms Maple Camp has been the way of life for generations, beginning in 1832. We currently have 10,000 taps on vacuum, use a leader extreme HC-4 RO machine and a 4’x14’ propane fired leader evaporator. Our log camp also has antique farm and maple display.

347 Vanyo Rd., Berlin, PA 15530

Contact: Amy Brant at 814-267-3273 or 814-233-4703 • Email:

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